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Precise Shop Floor Measurement for Every Workpiece

Shop floor measurement requires a special mix of capabilities. Around-the-clock durability with minimal maintenance. High accuracy under a range of temperatures. Fast, efficient measurement. As the leader in precision metrology, Mitutoyo produces CMM solutions that are built for the harsh shop floor environment. With a solution for workpieces of all sizes, your shop floor measurement begins and ends with us.

Complete end-to-end shop floor solutions
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Measurement Flexibility

Mitutoyo delivers optimal performance and high flexibility: both vertical- and horizontal-axis measurement as well as in-line, near-line and line-side options.

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Thermal Compensation

Our solutions ensure accurate measurement even when temperature differences in the manufacturing process change the size of a workpiece.

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Customized Solutions

Mitutoyo can work with you to design and build the custom fixtures, part loading/holding systems and fully automated, closed-loop solutions you need to seamlessly integrate systems into your line.

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Ongoing Support

Should you need it, our highly experienced technicians are always available to offer troubleshooting assistance, personalized training or ongoing metrology education courses.

See What’s Possible on the Shop Floor

With the launch of our MiSTAR CMM solution for midsize workpieces, shop floor measurement will never be the same. Explore this interactive infographic to find out how our shop floor solutions can improve throughput and accuracy at every step of your manufacturing process.

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Industry Leaders in Shop Floor Measurement

For more than 50 years, Mitutoyo America Corporation has continued to deliver high-quality precision measurement for all applications, including the demanding shop floor. With our full line of shop floor CMM solutions for both in-line and near-line use, along with our firm commitment to helping you maximize your quality control processes, we’re trusted end to end.

USED IN: Automotive / Aerospace / Medical / Energy / Injection Molding / Machine Tooling

Industrial Evolution: Bringing QA to the Point of Production
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Our new CNC CMM provides the most accurate shop floor measurement for midsize workpieces, offering greater speed and acceleration. Easy-loading design with three open sides allows for effortless "walk-up inspection" both in-line and near-line. Delivers a measuring range of 22.4" (x) x 19.6" (y) x 19.6" (z).

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This high-throughput CNC CMM uses a flexible measurement system to achieve a drive speed of 866 mm/s — making it the world’s fastest CNC vertical-axis, in-line CMM. Delivers a measuring range of 23.62" (x), 19.68" (y), 11.02" (z).

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Our horizontal CNC CMM delivers increased drive speed, acceleration and measuring speed to achieve higher throughput in a smaller footprint. Delivers a measuring range of 35.43" (x), 39.36" (y), 23.62" (z).

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This lightweight, compact CMM delivers CMM capabilities with maximum space flexibility — ideal for installation directly onto your line, onto a product or in a near-line setup. Delivers a measuring range of 4.72" (x), 4.7" (y), 3.14" (z).

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