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Mitutoyo America Corporation Announces Three New VP’s

(Aurora, IL) Mitutoyo America Corporation would like to announce the appointment of three new VP's. Mr. Matt Dye will serve as the VP of Measuring Instrument Sales, Mr. Douglas Adkins will serve as the VP of Distributed Products and Mr. Michael Creney will serve as the VP of Measuring Instrument Sales Support. According to Mr. Shigeyuki Sasaki, President, these changes are effective November 1, 2012 and support Mitutoyo America Corporation's structure for continued growth. Mitutoyo Corporation is the world's largest provider of measurement and inspection solutions offering the most complete selection of machines, sensors, systems and services with a line encompassing CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines), vision, form and finish measuring machines, as well as precision tools & instruments, and metrology data management software. Mitutoyo's nationwide network of Metrology Centers and support operations provides application, calibration,...

New Mitutoyo QVPAK® 10.0 vision measurement software includes numerous productivity enhancements

(Aurora, IL) Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of version 10.0 of its QVPAK® suite of vision measurement software. Now provided as standard with all Mitutoyo QuickVision® 3D CNC vision measurement systems, QVPAK® 10.0 makes it even easier and more intuitive to control all relevant vision measurement processes including lighting control, magnification and part programming. QVPAK® 10.0 includes new features that make part programming more convenient than ever. For example, the user interface can be freely split into windows that can then be dragged anywhere on the desktop, resized, minimized, placed atop one another or hidden. Each user can custom design individualized screen set-ups on several monitors including, for example, widescreen display of the workpiece image. The new loop generation allows virtual display and execution of complex loop strategies associated with part program creation. The operator is presented...

Mitutoyo America Corporation Announces New President

(Aurora, IL), Shigeyuki Sasaki has been appointed the new President at Mitutoyo America Corporation, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois.  Sasaki has served numerous roles within Mitutoyo Corporation for the last 35 years including; New Product Development and Quality Control Departments in Utsunomiya, Japan; Manager of Purchasing and Planning in Mitutoyo Germany; General Manager in Mitutoyo South America; and recently Vice President and Executive Vice President of Mitutoyo America Corporation. He will remain as an active member of Mitutoyo Corporation’s board of directors. “To retain the leadership role in the metrology market, Mitutoyo America Corporation is committed to continue providing high tech, durable products which meet our customers’ demands.  We are excited to move forward to the “next- level”, under the guidance of Mr. Sasaki, whose leadership success has been a result of taking a hands-on, bottom building...

New MeasurLink® 7 from Mitutoyo enables selection of the exact level of functionality needed

(Aurora, IL) Mitutoyo America Corporation announces MeasurLink® 7 – the latest version of its suite of quality control management software that combines real-time data acquisition, on-line SPC Software analysis, integrated networking and quality information sharing into an enterprise-wide solution. With four modules, MeasurLink® 7 enables users to tailor a Quality Management System to their specific requirements. MeasurLink® 7 Real-Time Standard Edition is designed for acquisition and analysis of data in real-time to enable checking of variable and attribute inspection data to help maximize production and minimize defects. MeasurLink® 7 Real-Time offers views that allow the user to create Part characteristics, with nominal and tolerance data, and traceability lists. The data collection interface provides real-time graphics for Run Charts, Histograms and Statistics. Standard views include Datasheet (observations and charts), Classic View (chart windows), and 2D...

Inside Story Issue 8

Toughened glass is made from annealed glass, either by thermal tempering or chemical processing. Chemical processing results in increased toughness compared with thermal toughening and can be applied to glass objects of complex shape. Toughened glass is typically used architecturally. Safety glass, which comprises toughened (tempered) glass reinforced with polymer laminations is, of course, standard in autos. Aerospace applications generally employ combinations of polymer, glass and other materials.

Inside Story Issue 7

Jim Salsbury, Ph.D. Corporate Metrologist, Mitutoyo America, comments, “As measuring equipment has gotten more complex and organizations more lean, one begins to wonder if the calibration certificate is really understood by the end user. Organizations spend a lot of money on calibration, but are they getting the return on that investment that they should?”

Inside Story Issue 6

While the concept of the screw thread was known in ancient times, its first application to measurement was in 1638 by William Gascoigne, a British Astronomer. Gascoigne used a screw thread to fine-adjust the angular displacement of his telescope as he moved it to observe and record the position of stars.

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ATRONA Material Testing Laboratories, Inc. ( located in Machesney Park, a suburb of Rockford, Illinois, provides metallurgical and materials analysis and related engineering services.

Inside Story Issue 3

The technology of heart transplants has been honed for almost 40 years now. Survival rates are constantly improving and great progress has been made on the problem of organ rejection. In fact, a challenge arguably tougher than surgery today is the ever-widening gap between the number of cardiac transplant candidates and the number of donor organs available to help them.

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Family owned, with more than sixty employees and six manufacturing cells, the ISO 9001-certified company occupies more than 62,000 square feet in modern facilities located in the Ossian Industrial Park about 15 miles south of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The driver behind the design of most Roembke Mfg. molds is precise flash control. According to Gregory J. Roembke, Executive Vice President, “Customer requirements can vary from having extensions on the parts that will deflash easily and consistently, to parts with only a 0.002” maximum extension as they come directly from the mold.”