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New M2 2D Processor Package with PH-A14 Profile Projector

Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces New M2 2D Processor Package with PH-A14 Profile Projector

AURORA, IL – For immediate release – Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the new M2 2D Processor. The M2 2D Processor will be available as part of a new package with the PH-A14 comparator. M2 2D Processor Features 
  • Easy-to-use high-tech touch screen M2 geometric measurement display
  • Graphics-based “part view” constructions: generate distances and tangent lines from within the graphical part view
  • Geometric Tolerancing: measure features, set nominals, apply tolerances and view deviation results with only a few quick clicks
  • Report Flexibility: Customize report data and format, including header, footer and graphics
  • M2 Geometric 2D Measurement Software
PH-A14 Profile Projector Features: 
  • ø14" screen horizontal projector
  • Horizontal projector is equipped with accurate linear glass scales
  • Profile and Fiber Optic Surface Illumination
  • 8" x...

Mitutoyo America Vision Measuring Systems Offer Complete Product Line-up For Customers

AURORA, IL – For immediate release – Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce its complete Vision Measuring System product offerings for customers who require a variety of options to meet their various vision measuring inspection requirements. Complete product information: Vision Quick Image: The Quick Image series of telecentric lens-based 2D video inspection systems includes three new CNC models, in addition to the currently available manual models. Product Highlights:
  • QIPAK software includes an image stitching function. The combination of the moving stage and image stitching allows for entire coverage of the measuring envelope for larger pieces.
  • QIPAK software creates inspection routines, part programs and repeat measurements using a single mouse click.
  • Telecentric all-in-focus optics is suited for shafts, stampings, plastics, electronics and other difficult-to-focus workpieces.
  • Wide field of view (32 x 24 mm), depth of focus (up...

Product Recall

Recall: Standard Bar for Micrometer

Recently, we have found the possibility of a dimensional error in the 225 mm standard bar for the micrometer. Item number 167-109. The standard bar was sold separately and supplied with various micrometers. There is a potential effect on the length of the micrometer standard due to a heat treat issue. This recall impacts only select products. For a full list, please visit Mitutoyo Japan. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. For a replacement of recalled products, please call 888-MITUTOYO...