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A range of models covers every purpose

FORMTRACER Avant Series allows a contour instrument or surface roughness tester to be upgraded from a general-purpose instrument to a high-precision contour instrument. Three types of surface roughness detector holders can be added for a wider range of measurements.

Standard Models

Contour Instruments FTA-S4C3000/4000

Standard Model C

Surface Roughness Tester FTA-S4S3000

Standard Model S
Dual Type Model

Hybrid measuring system for both contour and surface roughness FTA-S4D4000

Dual Type Model
Large Base/High Column Models

200mm drive unit available in large base and high column models FTA-L8S3000 and FTA-H8S3000

Large Size Model

Conversion between contour and surface roughness measurement happens within seconds by simply replacing the mounted detector, without shutting down software or switching off the controller.

Contour icon


Contour table
Surface Roughness icon

Surface Roughness

Surface Roughness table

High-Speed efficiency drastically reduces set-up time

High-Speed Drive
  • X-axis (drive unit) 80 mm/s (MAX)
  • Z2-axis (column vertical movement) 30 mm/s (MAX)
Retraction Speed

The stroke (retraction) speed is improved by approx. three times compared to conventional models, significantly improving measuring efficiency.

Positioning Distance

Industry-leading positioning distance from the start of measurement to the start of data acquisition is reduced to the absolute minimum of 0.05 mm.

Versatile features for superior operability

X-axis Inclinable
Drive Unit
Efficiently measure inclined surfaces within a range of ±45° without added fixtures or positional adjustments.
Arc Scale Built-in precision arc scale allows the circular trajectory of the stylus tip to be read directly, eliminating the need for an arc direct conversion mechanism.
Cable-Less All cables are housed inside the main unit to eliminate any risk of abrasion or snagging and guarantee precision measurement and rapid movement.
Sensor Exchange Replace contour or surface detector without turning off the controller power, reducing measuring time by approx. 30 seconds.
Upper/Lower Surface Continuous Measurement Double-sided conical stylus continuously measures upper/lower surfaces, facilitating difficult processes such as diameter measurements of an internal screw thread.
Advanced Remote
Control Box
Provides maximum ease of use while new function keys support fast creation of measurement part programs for maximum productivity.
Stylus Drop Detection Immediately stops operation if the stylus suddenly drops, preventing damage to the stylus without relying on a conventional mechanical stop.

Explore how FORMTRACER Avant reduces set-up time and improves efficiency by integrating contour and surface roughness measurements into one machine.


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