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Become a Smart Factory with Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo’s data management solutions deliver the precision, reliability and high performance from all our hand and computer-controlled metrology solutions. From measurement to analysis, from the shop floor to the lab, to the field, our centralized solutions deliver the visibility you need for ideal quality control. And with hardware, software and service all available from a single provider, we put a data-driven facility within your reach — no matter the size of your business.

MeasurLink® Real-Time Software
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Heightened Efficiency

Our data management hardware automatically collects and transmits measurement data from your Mitutoyo handheld and computer-controlled equipment at the push of a button, on the shop floor and in the lab or field.

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Maximum Reliability

Automated data transfer eliminates human error, creating a more accurate database, resulting in greater quality control and greater quality control capabilities.

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Integrated Data Management

Connecting all equipment to a centralized MeasurLink 9 database gives you a single source of truth for data management and analysis.

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Easy Upgrades and Deployability

All data management software and hardware are automatically compatible with your major instruments and SPC-enabled Mitutoyo equipment, and upgrading from a previous version of MeasurLink is fast and carries a myriad of benefits.

Take a Smart Factory Virtual Tour

A Smart Factory integrates data management solutions into every aspect of its operations — bringing greater performance and accuracy as a result. Explore our interactive infographic to see how the end-to-end data management solutions from Mitutoyo can help you realize the full potential of IIoT technology.

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Simple and Precise Data Management Solutions

USED IN: Automotive / Aerospace / Medical / Energy / Injection Molding / Machine Tooling

The end-to-end data management solutions from Mitutoyo help bring your facility into the future of manufacturing. Our data management hardware is automatically compatible with your computer-controlled instruments and SPC-enabled Mitutoyo tools, streamlining implementation. And the latest version of our robust data collection and SPC software — MeasurLink® 9 — sets the new standard for effective analysis and reporting.

MeasurLink ® 9 Software
MeasurLink® 9 Software

Our data collection and real-time SPC software unifies all measurement data from handheld and major instruments into a centralized database for analysis and reporting. Version 9 offers improved gage management and traceability, single sign-on support, modern operating system compatibility, integrated industry standards and countless other benefits for manufacturers of all kinds.

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U-Wave Wireless System
U-Wave® Wireless System

The U-Wave series of wireless data receivers and transmitters fits seamlessly onto SPC enabled Mitutoyo handheld measuring instruments and transfer measurement data directly from the gage to a PC. Both wired and wireless versions are available to fit your needs.

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Input Tools
Input Tools

Allowing for flexibility in wired system setups, input tools connect to digimatic gages and PCs with SPC and USB cables. The on-unit data send button or foot switch are excellent for situations where the inspector cannot put additional pressure on the measuring device — improving reliability and efficiency.

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For inspection stations with multiple gages in use, 4- or 8-port multiplexers allow for the transfer of data from multiple gages to a PC and into software such as Excel or MeasurLink. This reduces the number of connections to the PC and increases productivity.”

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Data Loggers
Data Loggers

Handheld processor capable of printing and storing measurement data from any digimatic gage. Basic statistics can be completed without the need of additional software and data can be transferred to a PC when convenient for the operator.

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Hand Tools
Hand Tools

As the industry leader in precision handheld instruments, Mitutoyo provides a wide range of reliable digimatic SPC output-enabled micrometers, calipers, gages and other solutions. Many of these tools are coolant-proof and IP67 rated to safely connect your equipment to your networked database.

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