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The new line-up of CRYSTA-Apex series CNC coordinate measuring machines

Leveraging the Power of Real-Time Data Visualization
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Explore how the new CRYSTA-Apex V series can improve productivity with high-speed, high-precision measurements

high speed
High-Speed, High-Acceleration Drive
  • The CRYSTA-Apex V is a high performance CMM featuring high speed tactile or scanning measurement with reliable accuracy at a low-price.
  • Combines high speed and high acceleration to significantly reduce measuring time and cost
Temperature Compensation System
  • Guarantees the accuracy of measurement under temperature conditions of 16 to 26 °C
  • Independent sensors work together to measure scale, workpiece and ambient temperature
  • Delivers superior results compared to systems that only compensate for scale temperature
Smart Factory Functionality

CRYSTA-Apex V series utilizes three smart factory applications that consolidate information management of the manufacturing process through a network.

  • Status Monitor - Allows remote monitoring of the operational status of measuring instruments
  • Condition Monitor - Enables remote monitoring of the current condition of measuring instruments
  • MeasurLink® - Reduces the production of defective parts though "Visualizing Quality" via complete data management
SMS (Smart Measuring System)

Allows on-line monitoring of the operational status and visualization of measurement data produced to enable product quality improvement and industrial internet of things capabilities and is accomplished with Smart Factory Functionality.

Superior Flexibility
  • Multi-sensors capability
  • Range of sizes for small to medium-sized workpieces
  • Compatible vision and scanning probe technologies

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