This online test covers general dimensional calibration concepts and the calibration of micrometers and calipers. A successful score on this test earns you the Level 1 Certified Credential in the calibration of micrometers and calipers. The test is based on the material covered in any of our calibration courses, including the material found in the free online course EDU-K100. The test has around 40 multiple choice and true/false questions. The test can be taken a second time at no extra cost. Upon registration, you have 7 days to complete the exam.

Many organizations have a need to demonstrate employee knowledge and skills in calibration, whether to a customer or to an outside auditor. To meet this need, Mitutoyo America offers online testing of theoretical knowledge and performance-based assessment of hands-on skills. Through this testing, you can earn Mitutoyo certified credentials in calibration.

Course Standard Price
EDU-T110: Micrometers and Calipers Level 1 Credential Exam $100