Mitutoyo ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic® Indicator

The new ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic® Indicator now available from Mitutoyo America Corporation combines, for the first time in an indicator, the convenience of ABS origin memory with “always ready” solar power to provide highest levels of availability.

The new Mitutoyo ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic® Indicator’s solar power source can function effectively at light levels as low as 40 lux illumination – significantly below values typically found in even low-light work conditions. In addition the ID-S Solar ABSDigimatic® Indicator incorporates a super capacitor to maintain a power reserve of approximately 3.5 hours for instances when even lower light levels are encountered.

The ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic® Indicator features Mitutoyo’s proprietary ABS (Absolute®) measuring system. When the indicator is turned on, ABS automatically restores the most recent origin position. This eliminates the need to re-set the origin at power-on, which can be especially helpful in multipoint measurement – saving time and improving repeatability.

Data-hold and data-output functions are included in the new ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic® Indicators enhancing the operator’s ability to manage measurement results. Data functions include a lock to prevent mis-operation. The indicator’s measuring range is .5″ (12.7mm) while its resolution is selectable at .0005″/0.01mm or .00005″/0.001mm.

Additionally, the Mitutoyo ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic® Indicator supports output to measurement data applications such as MeasurLink®, Mitutoyo’s proprietary statistical-processing and process-control program which performs statistical analysis and provides real-time display of measurement results for SPC applications. The program can also be linked to a higher-level network environment for enterprise-wide functionality.

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