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MeasurLink Real-Time SPC Software

MeasurLink® meets the challenge of centralizing your quality data with the most versatile tool and instrument interface options available. This high- end statistical platform delivers real-time data—when you need it most— with instant message capabilities and comprehensive quality reporting. MeasurLink® provides part inspection visualizations that are second to none, ensuring a clear view of your inspection process and your measurement results. Whether used as an enterprisewide quality data solution or as a stand- alone quality data station, MeasurLink® provides the complete situational awareness that you need to successfully manage your process improvement and defect prevention efforts. MeasurLink® is backed by Mitutoyo, the global leader in metrology— combining a full product line of precision measuring tools, instruments and equipment with a worldwide information network that understands the unique precision measurement and quality management needs of every industry that...

Mitutoyo ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic® Indicator

The new ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic® Indicator now available from Mitutoyo America Corporation combines, for the first time in an indicator, the convenience of ABS origin memory with “always ready” solar power to provide highest levels of availability.

The new Mitutoyo ID-S Solar ABS Digimatic® Indicator’s solar power source can function effectively at light levels as low as 40 lux illumination – significantly below values typically found in even low-light work conditions. In addition the ID-S Solar ABSDigimatic® Indicator incorporates a super capacitor to maintain a power reserve of approximately 3.5 hours for instances when even lower light levels are encountered.