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Traceability to National Standards

Mitutoyo uses calibration artifacts traceable to national standards.
Mitutoyo has a large collection of standard artifacts whose dimensions are traceable to the national length standards of Japan and the USA. These artifacts are used to calibrate the specialized equipment used in the calibration of Mitutoyo's measuring tools and instruments so traceability to international length standards is established and maintained. Mitutoyo also provides a temperature calibration service that is absolutely essential to high-accuracy length measurement.

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Stitching Function

A newly developed correction algorithm stitches multiple images together (multiple image-to-image coupling) while maintaining high-accuracy measurements. After a stitching operation, measurement is easily processed without the need to move the stage.

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One-click tool

With just one click, anyone can easily perform multiple measurements. The outlier removal function automatically eliminates unnecessary measurement points, thus enabling accurate and stable multipoint measurement.

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One-click execution function

After placing the workpiece within the field of view, the machine automatically recognizes the position and angle using a pattern search function and then finishes the measurements. There is no need for positioning and axially aligning the workpiece.

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EZ mode

This mode provides an operation guidance display to guide the operator even if it's their first time performing measurements. This removes the need for continual reference of the instruction manual during operation.

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