Mitutoyo America Corporation Releases New MiSCAN Vision Measuring System

Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the new MiSCAN Vision Measuring System. The MiSCAN Vision Measuring System, or MVS, is a multiple sensor microscopic-form measurement system, using combined technologies of coordinate and vision measurement system technology. The MiSCAN system is the ideal hybrid measuring machine with vision head and scanning probe (MPP-NANO, SP25M). The image head enables precise positioning and targeting measurement even in locations where visual checking is difficult. If you would like further information or assistance regarding this product, please contact your Mitutoyo Sales Representative or nearest regional Mitutoyo Sales Office. You can view specific information on the full product announcement here.
  1. Product Name: MiSCAN
  2. Delivery Information: Available for Quoting Now
  3. Literature: Bulletin No.: 2293
  4. Demonstration Sample: No
Remarks: Two machine sizes...