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Specialty Micrometers & Calipers: V-Anvil Micrometer

Mitutoyo digital micrometers provided with a V-shaped anvil to enable measurement of 3-flute cutting tools, such as taps and reamers. The highly stable frame incorporates a heat shield to preserve accuracy over extended measuring sessions. A ratchet stop guarantees repeatable measurement. Digimatic data output. See more Mitutoyo digital micrometers here.

Expand Your CMM’s Capabilities

Moving from tactile and scanning systems to newer optical and laser sensor technology increases the productivity of your CMM. During the past 25 years, coordinate measuring machine (CMM) sensor technology has expanded from tactile and scanning systems to now include optical, laser and surface finish sensors, effectively expanding the CMM’s capabilities. While each CMM sensor technology has its own advantages and limitations, the expanded measuring capability provided to the CMM compels anyone with measuring requirements to consider adding additional sensor technology to a current CMM or for a new CMM purchase. OPTICAL SENSOR Optical sensors for CMMs provide non-contact measuring capability that perform [caption id="attachment_4887" align="alignright" width="300"]The process of measuring surface finish begins with selecting the planar area to be analyzed, then positioning the surface finish sensor stylus so that profile being measured (also... 						
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Improving the Inspection Process

Michael Nahum, Ph.D., is presi- dent of Micro Encoder Inc., Kirkland, Wash., a wholly owned R&D subsid- iary of Mitutoyo Corp., Kawasaki, Japan. MEI develops new technologies and software for products, such as small hand-held measurement instruments like calipers and micrometers, and capital equipment like machine vision systems and coordinate measuring machines. The company employs a combined 85 people at its 30,000-sq.-ft. (2,787-sq.-m) facility in Kirkland and 4,000-sq.-ft. (372-sq.-m) facility near Los Angeles. These facilities include state-of-the-art temperature and vibration controlled laboratories, electromagnetic and optical test and measurement equipment, more than 15 machine vision systems and five CMMs. Nahum spoke about the company’s areas of focus, how part miniaturization influences inspection, new metrology devices and techniques that can help part manufacturers meet their needs, and what still needs to...