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Customer Success: Dynamic Manufacturing

Headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Melrose Park, IL, Dynamic Manufacturing is a TS 16949, ISO 14001 and WBENC-certified woman-owned and -operated business with operations covering engineering, machining, assembly and dynamometer testing.

Founded in 1951 by John Partipilo, who started his automotive career as a service mechanic at a car dealership, Dynamic Manufacturing originally focused on the repair of transmissions and, later, torque converters. In 1985, the company was selected as the primary torque converter remanufacturer for a major automotive OEM.

Read more about Dynamic Manufacturing here.

How to Reduce Your CMM Programming Time Up to 95%

In this webinar we will be introducing the MiCAT Planner automatic measurement program generation software that uses 3D CAD models and Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) to enable one-click automated generation of measurement programs. With this new program, a complex program that previously would have taken five hours to complete manually can now be completed in 15 minutes.

CNC CMM Delivers Greater Productivity and Accuracy for Automotive Supplier

Looking for speed and accuracy for its unique processes, an automotive supplier incorporates a surface finish probe in a CMM to obtain dimensions and surface testing in a single operation. “In the remanufacturing business, you can take apart a transmission, clean it, replace all the soft parts and get it back to the customer when they need a new part,” said Gary Noel, chief operating officer and member of the board at Dynamic Manufacturing, a premier supplier of world-class OEM new and remanufactured drivetrain components for the automotive industry. “The real creativity comes from developing unique processes that can repurpose that experienced part so that it performs as good as new.” Headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Melrose Park, IL, Dynamic Manufacturing is a TS 16949, ISO 14001 and WBENC-certified woman-owned and -operated business with operations covering...

Advances in Model-Based Measurement Can Reduce CMM Programming Time

While manufacturers have applied model-based definition to product definition for some time, they have only recently applied it as a quality assurance process. With more man-hours being spent on programming work, differences in worker-created measurement programs, and inefficient programs being created due to proficiency issues, the industry has moved from 2-D drawings to 3-D annotated models. A number of factors—the increased emphasis on quality control, the growing diversity of parts and components being measured, the development of more complex global supply chains and reduced product lifecycles—have led to a considerable demand for automatic measurement programming in recent years. Automatic measurement program generation software uses 3-D CAD and product manufacturing information (PMI) to enable one-click automated generation of measurement programs. A complex program that previously would have taken five hours to complete manually can now be completed in...

Plating Tolerances Guaranteed

Incorporating a laser scanning micrometer into a quality control routine pays off for metal plating ad coating services supplier. Tawas Plating Co. & Tawas Powder Coating Inc. (Tawas City, MI) provides metal plating and coating services to automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing sectors. Almost from the beginning, Tawas experienced strong demand for its electroless nickel plating, which provides a combination of lubricity and wear-resistance, as well as dimensional control, corrosion protection and superior cosmetics. As the name suggests, electroless nickel plating does not rely on passing an electric current through a solution to form a deposit. Instead, the process depends on an auto-catalytic reaction to deposit a nickel coating on a substrate. According to Al Alexander, plant manager at Tawas Plating Co., an important advantage of the electroless process is the relative ease with which it can be...

Custom Solution Meets Demanding Automotive Manufacturing Requirements

Vision system facilitates measurement when heavy fixturing constrains access to a workpiece. Ramcel Engineering Company (, located in Northbrook, IL, was founded in 1950 with the mission of providing precision, custom metal stamping, as well as contract mechanical assembly services, and robotic MIG & TIG welding services. Ramcel Engineering serves diverse markets with its output evenly split across automotive, computer/telecom and consumer applications. Housed in up-to-date facilities totaling 60,000 square feet, the company is equipped with a full range of stamping presses supported by extensive engineering capabilities, leading-edge software and automation. Ramcel prides itself on accepting and successfully delivering jobs that its competitors often find too challenging. Safety-critical steering column component Such is the case with a component currently in development for use in an automobile power steering column. The program was awarded to Ramcel Engineering when the work...

MeasurLink Real-Time SPC Software

MeasurLink® meets the challenge of centralizing your quality data with the most versatile tool and instrument interface options available. This high- end statistical platform delivers real-time data—when you need it most— with instant message capabilities and comprehensive quality reporting. MeasurLink® provides part inspection visualizations that are second to none, ensuring a clear view of your inspection process and your measurement results. Whether used as an enterprisewide quality data solution or as a stand- alone quality data station, MeasurLink® provides the complete situational awareness that you need to successfully manage your process improvement and defect prevention efforts. MeasurLink® is backed by Mitutoyo, the global leader in metrology— combining a full product line of precision measuring tools, instruments and equipment with a worldwide information network that understands the unique precision measurement and quality management needs of every industry that...

New Product Announcement – MeasurLink 8

We are pleased to announce the release of MeasurLink 8 Real-Time SPC software. MeasurLink 8 is the replacement for MeasurLink 7 including Real-Time, Process Analyzer, Process Manager, Gage R&R and Gage Management. For more detailed information including part numbers, download a pdf file of the New Product Announcement for  MeasurLink 8....

Mitutoyo LSM – Set Tolerance

See how to set the tolerance of a Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer. Using a Mitutoyo LSM-6900, Tyler Duncanson walks through the steps of setting the tolerance. Visit our online catalog for more information on the Mitutoyo Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-902/6900 Series 544-Ultra high Accuracy Non-contact Measuring System.