Mitutoyo sponsored University of Michigan's Formula Hybrid car takes 1st place for endurance/dynamic events and 5th place overall. Listed highlights by day: Monday (4/28)
  • Check into competition
  • Electrical pre-inspection (pass)
  • Mechanical inspection (fail)
Tuesday (4/29):
  • Mechanical inspection (pass, 1st team to pass in the competition)
  • Marketing presentation (3rd place)
  • Design presentation
  • Electrical inspection (fail)
Wednesday (4/30):
  • Tilt Test (pass)
  • Electrical inspection (fail)
  • Missed both acceleration and autocross dynamic events
  • Issue with electrical system was ground fault detection not working reliably; the electrical and controls divisions worked through the night, and rectified this.
Thursday (5/1):
  • Electrical inspection (pass)
  • Rain test (pass)
  • Noise test (pass) - due to our lack of a tachometer, we had to tell the inspector what RPM we were revving at using an oscilloscope; the RPM had to be 8500, and have a maximum dB level of 110. We passed with 110dB.
  • Brake test (pass, 4th try)
  • Endurance event at noon - 22 laps completed,...