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Changing Segments and Measuring Diameters – Mitutoyo LSM

Mitutoyo LSM Tutorial Episode 01

Most customers are using Laser Scan Micrometers to measure diameters. In this episode we will explain the basic principle of the Mitutoyo Laser Scam Micrometer, how to measure a diameter by changing segments, and the most accurate position for measuring diameters.

Product Demos

Mitutoyo Product Demos


Mitutoyo America Videos

Mitutoyo America Video Channel

Written descriptions and still pictures can only go so far in describing how things work, or are used. That’s why we are offering these video clips to clearly demonstrate typical usage of Mitutoyo measuring tools and systems, from the simplest hand tool to the most advanced measuring machines. The selection is modest at the moment, but will grow with time, so check back occasionally and you may find something has been added that strikes a chord with a particular application you have. To be notified of updates please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of any webpage. [embedyt][/embedyt]...

MCOSMOS v4.0 Release



We are pleased to announce the release of MCOSMOS v4.0.  For a complete outline of new features and enhancements download a copy of the MCOSMOS v4.0 announcement. If you would like further information or assistance regarding MCOSMOS v4.0, please contact your Mitutoyo sales representative or the Mitutoyo sales office in your area. Literature: To be released